School Takes Unexpected Action, Put’s Washing Machine At School For Children Who Are Bullied For Not Having Clean Clothes

A school in the USA has installed a washing machine for children who are bullied because they do not have clean clothes. West Side High School in Newark decided to do this at no cost. It would help students wash their own clothes.

All this happened because the school authorities had a debate with a girl who wanted security to control the bag. The staff did not know that the girl was homeless and refused to give her the bag because there were dirty clothes in it.

This and because many students were bullied about school clothes and that was the reason they did not show up at school.

Akbar Cook had the idea for such children to approach the school and not have such problems.

“These are good kids who wish to learn, they are missing three to five days in a month because they are b-llied for their dirty clothes,” the principal told CNN News.

He even changed the school uniform, making it darker so that dirt could not be seen even if he kept it unwashed for several days. But students are again having difficulty.

They can use it for three hours a day at no cost. The laundry room would have five washing machines, five dryers, and a bundle of washing powder that was received as a donation from people around.

While the headteacher thinks that children will keep themselves clean and will show up at school regularly. Principal Cook continued: “We are trying to teach them to navigate their pride.

He also states: “we are trying to teach them to their steer their pride.” “My children are fighters, they just require good ways to fight for themselves and take pride in what they are capable of doing.” We wish the scheme to be a great success and that the kids receive the education that they are entitled to.

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