Mother Of 10 Is So Good That She Is Raising Her Biological Son And Twins As Triplets

A mother got everyone’s attention because she decided to raise her son and two twins adopted the same age as her triplets.

Alicia Dougherty is the mother of 10 children where six are adopted and four are biological. She has a Tik Tok page called “Dougherty Dozen” where she tells the world about her family life.

Alicia at shows how she is raising her sons and two other adoptive parents in the same way and why they are not biological brothers.

A follower asked her a question about her triplets and she replied “Our adopted twins and biological son are all born in 2014 and in second grade and have been raised as triplets most of their lives.

“Don’t tell them they’re not triplets or they will tear you apart.” In fact, the people in the comments made a lot of differences between them which for Alician is not fair. Triplets are very committed to each other.

One commenter said: “Doesn’t matter about the skin color you can see how much love they have for each other… triplets for life.”

Another added: “Look how proud they are! Such beautiful triplets! ”

Alicia also reveals that she has been ridiculed online for having ten children. She only gave these adopted children a family because all six have behavioral problems and suffer from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

People according to the mother do not like the fact that they are happy. “Happiness comes from knowing we are worthy of being our true, authentic selves.

“We see the negativity. But we brush it off.

“Because we know it comes from other people’s insecurities and triggers. It’s not on us. It’s on them.

“I appreciate those of you who have checked in on us over the past few weeks as we’ve been massively trolled by unhappy, insecure people.

“I promise you, we are good.”

In fact, the expenses for the family are very high because the children have a lot of expenses both in food and clothing. Foods alone cost her $ 56,000 a year.

In fact, Alicia and her partner deserve all the respect in the world because they are raising not only their children but also killing them by offering them a family.

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