Sexy Coach Responds To Accusations For Tight Leather Clothes And High Heels During The Match

An A&M Aggies women’s basketball assistant responds to the accusations that came after she one day wore tight leather pants and high heels during a game.

Sydney Carter says that the criticism comes mainly because of the race and not because of what she wears. “People do not accept that a woman is growing in career and can be in a court,” she says. People take this as a threat.

The whole mess started the moment she posted a photo of her during the match held on February 6 against the Kentucky Wildcats. She wore pink leather pants, a white turtle neck top, stilettos, and a breast cancer awareness pin.

The comments started immediately. Many thought this outfit was not appropriate for the court. Another person added, “I don’t feel she is coaching basketball. It seems like club gear and you want to be taken seriously. One fan called the outfit ‘inappropriate period’ and stated she should get a fine / ticket whatever.

Others said high heels could damage the basketball court. But some supported her, saying she was free to wear whatever she wanted. ESPN reporter Terrika Foster-Brasby tweeted, “Sydney carter is a legend at Texas A&M University and she is doing her job as a coach. And, the last thing people had to worry about is her clothes – that is wonderful by the way.

Sydney has been a Texas A&M player for a very long time. In 2020 he started working as a coach. From 2018-to 2012 he played for Aggies where he was captain three times. in Chicago after being selected 27th in the overall WNBA draft to the Chicago sky.

Despite all the comments, she wants to be a positive influence for women, making them have the confidence to always do what they want and not be influenced by people’s words.

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