Woman Buys Boy A 180$ Pair Of Shoes He Couldn’t Afford. Boy Made Her A Promise

One day a young girl in a store saw a little boy who wanted to buy a pair of basketball sneakers but had no money.

Tinyia Franks a young girl wanted to buy a pair of sneakers to combine with the pants she had just bought. She asked the saleswoman to help her when suddenly a young boy approached the seller. 

He was estranged from his father and wanted to ask the seller a question.

He asked if they had basketball sneakers for less than $ 75 because he couldn’t afford to buy them. Meanwhile, he lowered his head and seemed to feel disappointed and ashamed that he couldn’t afford them.

Tinyia noticed that the child lowered his head when the saleswoman replied that they did not have in that budget. Meanwhile, she stopped the boy and asked him why he needed them. The boy told her that his name was Jordan, he was in fifth grade and he plays basketball. 

Tinyia was sorry because she knows how difficult it is to not have economic opportunities.

Tinyia told Jordan to go and choose a pair because she would buy them. The only condition was to send her a photo when he put it on for the first time. He chose a red pair of LeBrons and TᎥnyᎥa didn’t mind that they cost $ 180.

She is a student working part-time. Tinyia says she wanted to buy Jordan the shoes he wanted despite the price. Better to make happy a child who had only 1 pair than to buy for herself the 15th pair.

After Jordan’s father saw the whole situation, his eyes filled with tears. To thank her he asked to take a picture of both of them to show everyone Tinyia’s generosity and to be an example to others.

Let us become full of kindness and love to give others as much happiness as possible. For us, it may be a little money but for others, it is more than that!

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