Teacher Is Not Punished For The Humiliation She Did To Boy Until The Moment When Was Made Public

A teacher seems to have gone unpunished after slandering a first-grader at a classroom ceremony. A few days later the principal called him to the office to punish him.

The end of the year for many children is beautiful because it marks their achievements during the school year. These days, creative activities are organized to entertain them.

Student Hayden Albert was not one of them. In one of the students, she made an exception that showed disrespect for the family and got the teacher in trouble after the news went viral.

Father Evangeline Elementary in Lafayette hosted an awards ceremony attended by parents and children. There the parents of one of the children would be shocked.

Teacher Jessica Bordlee had prepared various awards based on the children’s personalities. There was also for Hayden but it was not at all likable.

When Jessica called Hayden the boy went up on stage happy but the parents were shocked when they saw what the teacher gave him.

Hayden was awarded the “Most Talkative” and the “Class Clown” awards. In front of everyone, she gave him to wear a nose clown. [Latosha alexis] could not believe that a teacher guiding little children would even do something outrageous like this.

The whole room fell silent and the boy’s parents felt very bad. The grandmother was surprised when she saw the nephew’s certificate. “When our children get certificates, we frame these. We keep these … Who wants to frame something like that?”

Meanwhile, this was published on social networks by the boy’s relatives, asking her to apologize. Felise Williams who is also the school principal without notice and met the teacher.

“Additionally, due to the severity of the incident, the principal will be recommending disciplinary action taken against the teacher.”

The teacher apologized to the family for the action and said it was Hayden who had asked for it.

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