Message Found By School Principal Where An 11-Year-Old Girl Asked For Help Made Him Call The Police

A typical day at a middle school in Clinton turned into a horrible day when staff saw the letter of an 11-year-old girl asking for help.

A small letter can often change things forever. In that letter, a girl desperately asked for help.

An 11-year-old was determined to save her mother from being locked up in a trailer against her will. Before sending her to school, her mother secretly gave her a note assuring her that no one would look at her because she knew she would otherwise be in trouble.

The girl took the letter to the school official. She sought help briefly stating that she had been confined in rural Clinton against her will. The message horrified the staff, who immediately informed the cops about the issue.

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis arrived on the scene and dug deeper into the matter in no time. Apparently, the mother had a few weeks that was held against her will.

“She [the girl’s mother] could not leave. She needed someone to get her out of the situation, and she could not talk on the phone.”

Donald Ray Guy her 27-year-old boyfriend seems to have done it all. Police went to the Guys rural trailer where there was a knock on the door and no one answered. After being forcibly entered they found inside the girl’s mother and Guy’s mother and grandmother.

Guy was found hiding in a closet. The woman was held hostage for two weeks by his entire family.

Since the mobile home was in a rural area, she was frightened to escape alone and did not have access to a car, the sheriff revealed. “I know she was relieved to get out of that situation,” Travis recalled.

Guy was arrested and charged with kidnapping domestic abuse battery, and false imprisonment charges.

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