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Zaya Wade’s 15th Birthday This Year Is Celebrated By Her Stepmom Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union posted congratulations on the birthday of her stepdaughter Zaya Wade on her 15th birthday.

She also made an Instagram post where she wrote “HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY @zayawade. We all love you sooooooo much and you make us proud every single day! You are such a gift and a blessing in all our lives, ”

Union had made another post the same day where he wrote:

 “I can not believe you are 15?!?!?!?!?” In April Union and Zaya posted a message together on the challenges of being a teenage girl today.

hey encouraged their followers to remove “toxic beauty advice” from their timelines. In partnership with Dove, they posted a short video clip explaining their part in promoting self-love to the masses.

“If a post tells you, you’re not pretty enough, unfollow. If someone says, natural hair is ugly, mute. If you see anything that makes you feel like you are not beautiful, simply remove it from your feed. I won’t follow anyone into thinking I’m not beautiful, ”Zaya noted. “We do not want you to either.”

Their relationship is very beautiful. Didn’t you think so? We wish you a Happy Birthday!

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