Teen Boy Cries When His Teen Friend Uses Her First Salary To Buy Him Sneakers

Often times we get lost in our world and do not think about the difficulties that other people may face. We have many opportunities to help others but we do not always take advantage of them.

Sofi Cruz had such an opportunity and did not let it go. One day she was talking to her friend Jaheim and was surprised by the words and desires he had.

He made a comment that left Sophie surprised. Both were known since the third grade. Jaheim always did his homework, never missed school, helped teachers in class, and always being a happy human being. In the previous week. Jaheim had asked if someone could buy him a new pair of shoes.

At first, he did not want to show that he was a person in need but he could not do otherwise. Sophie really wanted to buy something for Jaheim but had no money. But after starting work he could now fulfill his friend’s wish.

With the help of her grandmother, he collected the money he had saved from work. She bought things for Jaheim and made a goody bag with the help of a backpack.

The moment she handed him the package went viral. In the video, she holds a backpack and approaches Jaheim.

Sophie tells Jaheim that they have known each other for a long time and is a very good friend. She also tells him that at the moment she started working she wanted to make a gift. She says this is for you and drops the backpack on his desk.

Jaheim opens the bag and pulls out a box. Jaheim thanks Sophie and she tells him to open the package. Inside he finds the clothes and shoes he wanted so much. Jaheim smiles and gives him a hug.

Sofi said later that she was thankful that giving him the shoes made Jaheim happy. She also added that giving someone something so special can be a life-changing event.

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