The 7-year-old boy prays to the police during a difficult day

A 7-year-old during a typical day met the Tulsa policeman and sat down to pray with him. The photo posted by his mother went viral on the internet.

The boy appears sitting on his knees with the police with one hand on his shoulder and both praying with their eyes closed.

To show the police his support and love Trey asked to pray for them. Trey requested that we pray for Tulsa Police Department personnel today. That is exactly what he did. To show cops that we love and support them, a little child placed his small hands on them.

Trey’s objective at the moment is to pray for the police officers on duty on these difficult days. He is only 12 years old.

His prayer is simple. Please, God, protect these cops, their families, and their community. Amen.

Trey Eliot is an American Football Player. Khara, a police officer, says the little boy’s prayer made her heart flutter. He also went to the Tulsa police chief and prayed for them.

We need more kids like Trey to pray for us for protection and sharing love. What do you think?

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