The Reaction That Melts The Heart Of The Newborn Girl When Nurse Washes Her Hair

A newborn baby is always a joy to parents. Trevon Glenn and Sierra Still became parents for the first time by their daughter Armira Yvonne Glenn and as new parents, they wanted to record everything they could from their daughter.

Tavern recorded her first wash by the nurses at the hospital. She had more hair than other bald babies.

When the nurse took her to wash, she would certainly wash her hair as well. The new father was there to film every moment to show it to her grandparents.

As soon as the nurse started doing her hair with soap Amira relaxed and started to enjoy it. She closed her eyes relaxing and kept her mouth open as if smiling.

“Does that feel good,” the nurse asks. Amira immediately opens her mouth in a smile and the nurse notices. The nurse replies, “Ohhhhhh, hi.”

The girl will love the video when she grows up. She was enjoying it a lot and the nurse did the onion head massage when she did her hair with soap. She was loving the moment.

After that, the nurse took the brush to comb her hair and this moment was almost putting her to sleep. When she talks to the baby she opens her eyes again, she was not sleeping just enjoying it.

You will have a baby fever when you watch the video below

YouTube video

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