The dog with the giant tumor is living her best life now

It is always very heartbreaking to see a dog with a tumor that has never been checked. The tumor grew inexplicably creating an inability to move.

One dog was surrendered to a shelter with a massive tumor, but thanks to some kind rescuers, this dog has now gotten a second chance.

A dog named Hattie was surrendered by her owners to a local shelter, and they were shocked to see the massive tumor on the dog’s side.

The owner apparently did not prefer to keep it in such a condition and abandoned it.

  “Maybe the worst owner surrender we have taken in,” said Hattie’s owners letting the tumor grow for two years without doing anything about it. No charges were filed

Despite the condition, Hattie was very optimistic and had learned to live with the tumor.

“It’s just so sad to me that she’s used to just dealing with this,” Hattie’s vet said in a video shared by Vet Clinic. “She just goes day in and day out dealing with this like it’s a bean bag chair, even though she has this on her.”

The vet removed the tumor and said “three hours to get that beast off,” but the surgery was a success and Hattie was “resting comfortably.”

“She was 41 lbs and now only weighs 26!” he wrote himself. “I can’t wait to see how her personality changes without carrying this burden anymore.”

“She was happily adopted, and once again, a lost and abandoned animal has found their happy ending,” the rescue wrote.

Photos show Hattie in her new home: she seems happy and comfortable and has another dog to play with.

It’s heartbreaking that Hattie went through so much discomfort and that her owners didn’t get her treatment sooner, but we’re glad she’s now happy, tumor-free, and in a great new home.

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