The family was eating ice cream and the woman took a picture

We often do not know how important a gesture from a stranger can be to us.

Joyce Phinehart had taken her grandson and after the tennis match, there was a family eating ice cream together. Suddenly the woman thought to take a picture. He felt it as an inner desire.

Here is what Joyce said in her Facebook post: “I took this picture and then I gave my phone to their daughter, I told her to send it to one of their phones.”

After a few days, Joyce received a message on her phone from an unknown number. When he was reading the message, he felt his flesh twitch.

The message was this: “Dear lady, you took a picture of us in front of an ice cream shop on June 8th.

My wife died yesterday and this is the last photo we have with the whole family together.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for your kind gesture. For me, it means everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

This message went to Joyce and she called the father who said that the woman had been sick for a year.

Joyce, in her post, wrote: “Never underestimate a beautiful gesture you make at random, apparently out of a whim of the moment, my heart is now heavy because it is with this cute family that I don’t even know, it’s incredible that I gave them this gift that now means everything to them, just because I listened to my instinct and intuition that day. I am amazed!”

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