The figure in the sky that amazed everyone seemed to warn something

A lot of people say it’s a sign.

There are people who believe in God and others who don’t, but there are moments in life when inexplicable things happen.

Alfredo Lo Brutto shared a photo taken of the sky where it looked like the formation of clouds that resembles the statue of Jesus located in Brazil in Rio De Janeiro.

The statue is 30 meters tall and is one of the largest statues in the world.

The photo was taken over the Tyrrhenian sea and caused a lot of controversies. Some thought that the dike created was a sign from God, while others said that it was just clouds and the sun passing between them.

This time the discussion was divided 50 to 50. “I was enchanted by the view. I don’t often share pictures on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it because it was so beautiful,” Alfredo told Daily Mail.

Although it may not look like Jesus, we all agree that it is a picture that shows how special the world around us is.

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