What was found behind the child’s ear made the doctors amazed and alarmed

Small parasites are very difficult to see with the naked eye. Ticks are small parasites that can be very harmful. They are usually 3-5 mm.

Ectoparasites are also referred to as external parasites, including ticks. They consume the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes humans in order to survive.

When Stephanie woke up she saw that her child had a serious problem. Her son Collin was always very active and enthusiastic. This made him worry.

Collin was unable to move from the bed and she immediately called her husband Dillon. The doctors told her that their child was paralyzed during the night. They couldn’t believe it.

Initially, they thought it could be a result of her hitting her head during her brother’s baseball game.

Collin took a lot of tests and was having a lot of trouble. The only thing he could do was breathe. He couldn’t eat and drink. The oxygen level started to drop and the doctors took him to another hospital.

After he went there, the doctors told him that if he had been 30 minutes late, he would have suffered a cardiac arrest and his little body would not have been able to cope.

Parents understood that every second was important. After some time, the physicians, at last, identified the problem as a little tick behind Collin’s ear.

After removing the parasite, the child began to recover immediately. The medical professional described how the salivary glands of the tick contain a neurotoxic. This indicates that the neurotoxic was moving into Collin’s blood as the tick was feeding, which resulted in the paralysis.

Be careful with your children and their health, especially in the case of such parasites.

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