The judge gives a dose of carma to the prisoner who shot the policeman

A violent robbery took place at Caesars Casino, during this robbery a police officer was shot.

When the police received the notification of what was happening they went to the crime scene. When the thieves realized they were surrounded they shot several times at police and injured 29-year-old Jostle Vadell, who was rushed to the hospital and placed on a ventilator where he fought for his life.

During the exchange of fire, 25-year-old Jerome Damon, one of the thieves, was killed.

The rest of the suspects, Demetrius Cross and Martel Chisolm, were arrested and charged with an attempted robbery and attempted murder. The next day they appeared before the court and a part of the police officers took part to show their support for their injured friend. They wanted to know if justice would be done.

The judge was very pleased to see so many officers defending each other and said a few words to the prisoner.

“These two are a menace to society. They should never be released back into the community. Senseless, ”one commenter wrote on Facebook.

“Great to see that the men and women in blue are showing support for each other,” another added.

Vadell’s family made a post saying the police are recovering very quickly.

“Update on Josh… he is doing amazing !!! They took him off the ventilator this morning; he is responding with small words, able to sit supported in a chair, and now having some movement on his left side, ”his wife wrote. “He is improving every day, and I believe it is from all of the love and support you all bring to our family. Sorry, I can not respond to you all individually, but I see you all care, and I am telling Josh how much he is loved. ”

We wish Josh a speedy recovery and that the convict receives the punishment he deserves.

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