The mother abandons her two children and returns after seven years to give them an explanation

The children did not know where their mother had gone so they wrote her a letter without knowing that she would return seven years later.

Daisy and Chris 9 and 5 did not understand why their mother had abandoned them at such a young age. The days met and she was not getting upset so the kids got so upset that their mother had not given her an explanation.

Their father Jim was there all the time for them. Only 9 years old Daisy became a mother to her brother. Instead of going out to play with friends she fed Chris and decided to sleep with her father.

Unable to fill the void left by Misty, Jim asked Oprah Winfrey for help.

One day a therapist worked with Daisy and Chris and asked them to write their emotions on a piece of paper. They wrote:

“Dear Mom, I miss you so much… I miss baking cookies as a family and you help us do our homework. I still love you, Mom, but what you did in the past makes me not love you so much like I used to, ”Daisy, who was 11 at the time the episode aired, wrote.

Her brother Kris wrote: “When I think of you and Daddy not living together, I feel so sad. I do not understand why you got divorced. Sometimes I dream about Dad being sad. About not having you around. I wish you did not get a divorce. ”

The children when they went to therapy always dressed nicely because they thought she would show up. 5 years after the children appeared in Oprah the production managed to find Misty. She was serving time in a nearby jail after failing to pay child support and producing fake financial documents.

When Oprah contacted Misty she told another version of the story. She said her ex-husband was the one who had not allowed her to meet the children.

Chris refused to meet his mother and Daisy did. When asked why he wanted to meet the girl’s mother he said “I need to know why she did what she did and get the apology because I deserve it.”

Daisy, who was 16, said an apology would do nothing. It was a long way to go to forgive the mother who abandoned them. “I’m the only girl in this house. How am I supposed to live like this? ”

The meeting was not simply because it was full of memories. She said it was very difficult for Jim to learn how to do the “girl stuff”. Daisy said to her mom: “All my memories of you are terrible!” The girl added that she was aware her mom cheated on her father.

Misty apologized and told him he would never abandon them if they allowed him to be a part of their lives.

This story is just to remind you to never say negative words in front of children. They remember everything and cause damage that is irreparable.

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