The little 3-year-old boy who caused a stir in the media today

At the age of 3, he was named “the most beautiful boy in the world”. What does he look like now, at 38 years old?

No one would have known and adored the face of Jeremy Meeks as much as today if his photo did not suddenly go around the world through social networks. He was completely unknown, not for his beauty, but also his criminal life, until the police decided to show a picture of Meeks on the screen, luring everyone with his beauty and masculine appearance.

From that moment, offers to become a model knocked one after the other. It had never happened before that a prisoner signed a contract as a model, only being recognized by a photograph. Unlike other criminals who were hated for their crimes, Jeremy was instantly adored, just thanks to internet clicks. He even went so far as to sign his first contract with Blaze Model & Talent Management agency representative Gina Rodriguez for $30,000 while still in jail.

  “Jeremy has an amazing look and has received international attention. I feel that he will help the fashion and entertainment industry flourish,” said Rodriguez. And actually, that’s what happened. His life changed after his release from prison in March of last year, becoming the protagonist of stories in the print media.

  Anyway, apart from the adoration, he has broken the hearts of thousands of girls, as the 33-year-old handsome man known by the nickname ‘Blue Eyed Bandit’ is married to Melissa, a nurse by profession. He has two children, both boys, one of whom is from his first marriage, with whom he is often seen having fun.

He had no idea that a private meeting with famous French fashion editor and style superpower Carine Rotfield would officially launch him into the fashion industry. Everything happened suddenly in the life of Jeremy Meeks, the sexiest ex-prisoner with blue eyes, a body carved with muscles and tattoos at the same time, who shocked the female psyche, when he appeared behind bars in 2014, when he was arrested by the police for carrying a weapon without leave.

In the first days of February, during the fashion week in New York, he officially appeared in the fashion show of the designer Philipp Plein, while presenting the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection wearing a black sweatshirt with a plush attached to the neck.

This was the first time since his release from prison that he appeared in the fashion world, although until then rumors about how he had signed contracts with famous brands were only a rumor, not yet confirmed by popular men’s lines. A few minutes before he entered the world of modeling, he was blessed by Carine Rotfield, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue France, who gave him a loving hug to wish him well on his new path. that would change his life. Madonna in the front row did not hesitate to please the eyes as she followed the silhouette of the sexiest ex-prisoner in the world.

At Philip Plein’s party immediately after the fashion show, he was seen hugging model Ajak Deng who congratulated him on his first catwalk debut, while other names were rumored, including Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of the Hadid sisters. they offered him support. It is rumored, but nothing is official yet, that Roitfeld has helped the model sign several contracts to be the face of Givenchy, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, and Hugo Boss campaigns.

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