When he was with his grandmother, the 6-year-old boy broke his arm while playing, and his parents stopped him to meet him.

Grandma and grandson sitting on the sofa together

A 6-year-old boy fell from the swing and broke his hand while he was with his grandmother at a playground. The parents accused the grandmother and forbade her to see her grandson again. But 2 years later they found a letter in grandma’s house that changed everything. “Please forgive us, grandma, We didn’t know that…” What had happened that day in the park:

Liam, only 6 years old, wanted to spend weekends with his grandmother in Oklahoma. Meredith would do anything for her grandson.

Afternoons were spent in her yard feeding the animals, running, or relaxing in a pool that her grandmother had bought just for her.

Every Sunday, Meredith would take her grandson to a park, to a playground, or take nature walks. Liam was looking forward to the weekend to go to his grandmother.

There were many slides, swings, and other games in the park. At one point, Liam fell off the swing and broke his arm. The grandmother immediately took him to the hospital and the parents came with him as well.

Grandma and grandson sitting on the sofa together

The child’s mother was very upset and accused the grandmother of neglecting Liam and told her that the boy broke her hand because of her. Grandma started crying and tried to explain that it was just a moment of inattention and that in no way did she neglect Liam. But the mother did not even want to listen to her and forbade her to see her grandson again.

Meredith was devastated by this news. The next day, she called her son and daughter-in-law to apologize and to ask about the son, and how he was, but they didn’t even answer the phone.

Time passed and Liam started school. He became a more closed person and had many moments of nervousness. The parents were worried and took him to the doctor.

He told him that the boy was very healthy. But his behavior started to become even more strange. They decided to send him to another school, but the situation continued the same.

Grandma and grandson hugging together

After a few months, the parents took the boy to a psychologist and he told them what the problem was.

  “I found out what is the problem with your son and why he is behaving like that. He misses his grandmother very much. It seems that Liam had a special relationship with her and loved her very much. From the moment you forbade him to see his grandmother, the boy began to change. Even if he didn’t tell you, he suffers in silence because he doesn’t see his grandmother anymore. If you want Liam to recover and be the happy, good child you knew, you need to reconnect him with his grandmother. “

It had been two years since he broke his arm. The parents were shocked and started crying and ran to the grandmother.

When they went there, they found no one at home. They call you but no one answers. A neighbor told me that the grandmother had suffered a heart attack and had been in the hospital for 10 days.

Then the neighbor gave them a letter. “Meredith asked me to give you this letter in case something happens to her. I think it’s the right time to read it, “said the neighbor.

With tears in his eyes, the child’s father opened the letter and began to read:

“Come on Liam

My dear Liam, almost two years have passed in which I have never seen you, I have not heard your voice, I have not kissed you, I have not seen your smile. Two hard years, full of bitter tears and regrets.

Grandma and grandson together in the living room

I always thought, did I do everything I could for you? Was it better if I didn’t go to that damn park? Was it better if we didn’t let you swing?

Even if your parents didn’t understand me, I’m writing this letter to you, I know that one day you will read it. I never thought I would end up in a situation where I couldn’t see my grandson. I would do anything for you, I would give my life for you.

I want you to understand that your grandmother loves you enormously and that the fact that you fell from the cradle was an accident, a cursed moment for which I will suffer for the rest of my life.

The only thing that kept me alive all this time when I couldn’t see you were the memories and the pictures with you.

My life is useless without you, I can’t live alone in this house. Every Saturday I look out the window and wait for you to come. Let me make your favorite cake and play with the ball or jump in the pool.

But the years go by and you don’t come…

If I’m not going to be alive when you read this letter, keep in mind, my dear Liam, that I loved you enormously and that I’m not mad at you for not visiting me. And I’m not upset with your parents either. In a way, I tried to understand them. I take all the blame for what happened.

Grandma kisses you and wants you to grow up big, beautiful, and strong.

Sincerely, Grandma Meredith. “

After reading the letter, the parents started to cry and quickly ran to the hospital to look for grandma. When they entered the hospital room, Grandma was in bed. Liam entered the room first and jumped to hug his grandmother. Everyone started crying.

“Forgive us, Grandma. we judged you wrong…” said Liam’s father.

Grandma looked at them and said, “Remember one thing, a mother will forgive her children whenever they are wrong. She can scold them, she can punish them, but she NEVER LEAVES them. “

After she recovered, grandma was discharged from the hospital and moved to Liam’s house. From now on, the boy and his grandmother will be able to be together every day.

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