Pitbull dog saves girl from drowning

A family in Alabama went through a great horror.

One beautiful summer day, Linda and her 5-year-old daughter Maggie were relaxing in their pool. After a few hours passed, the mother went out to get some sun, while the daughter sat in the shade to play.

Maggie was hungry and Lindo went to the kitchen to prepare something. He never thought that something bad would happen.

Maggie dropped a toy in the water and when she reached to catch it, she fell too. The girl started to scream but her mother could not hear her.

When the mother returned she saw a terrible scene. Immediately her pitbull dog ran and jumped into the water. He grabbed the girl’s hand and swam with her. Linda rushed to get the girl out.

Maggie had drunk too much water and passed out. 911 immediately arrived at the scene. With first aid, Maggie came to.

Linda remembers that moment with horror: “I was only 5 minutes away, I knew Maggie was playing quietly with the toys, so I went to the kitchen to make her a sandwich. I didn’t hear her scream, but I heard the bang in the water when Cooper jumped to save her. Thank God Cooper was there and managed to save Maggie. He is an extraordinary dog and we love him just like our children. “

What surprised the mother the most was that Cooper, her dog, did not like to swim at all.

“He’s afraid of water, and no matter how hard we try to get him used to it, Cooper has always refused to come into the pool with us,” said Linda.

The fact that Cooper no longer considered his fear of water and jumped to save Maggie without thinking, says a lot about the spirit and courage of this dog.

Once again, a pit bull proves that the label put on by some people and the media is a fake one. Pit bulls are the most loving and loyal dogs in the world.

Unfortunately, these stories will not appear in the news.

Well done Cooper, you are a hero!

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