The little girl gets a kiss and her cheeks look exactly like this

Little Sienna was diagnosed with a contagious virus after being kissed by a family member.

 Savina French-Bell, 21, had to wash her three-year-old’s linens every day and throw out stuff after terrible blisters formed across her daughter’s face.

Her daughter was rushed to the hospital on her second birthday and given an IV drip because she wasn’t eating.

Then she asked the doctors for advice on creams or makeup to prevent the condition from getting worse.

She has now made the decision to share her story in an effort to help other parents whose children have the same ailment.

She said, “Sienna’s skin illness was eating her alive.”

The disease spread all over your face and it looked like you had thrown acid on your face. She says that even though she used antibiotics for eight months, the infection had not been eradicated and that Sienna’s terrible dermatitis had forced her doctor to administer flucloxacillin. Only then did things start to get better.

She said, “Doctors were stunned, and they didn’t know for a very long time what had caused Sienna’s infection.”

“I discovered she has eczema, which has considerably worsened her skin.”

Her body was weak and this is the reason that her face was healed with difficulty.

Thankfully, Sienna’s condition has gotten better, and her mother is hoping that it will keep getting better.

Sienna’s face has been beautiful for a while now, and the illness has not come back, she claimed.

There’s always a chance it’ll come back, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t and her skin stays as healthy as it is now.

“I was told that as she ages, her body will be better able to fight off illnesses.”

It’s fantastic to be able to travel without getting any unfavorable comments, says the speaker.

“Whereas previously, people were cruel to Sienna, today everyone is amazed by how wonderfully her face has healed, and it’s incredible to watch.”

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