The man raised two gorillas and after 6 years they meet his wife

Damian Aspinall a multi-millionaire raised two gorillas. But he never thought that they would take his wife.

Djalta and Ima were raised by Damian from when they were little babies until they were 12 years old. At that age, they were released to live in the jungle.

Six years later they asked to visit them in their natural habitat. Damian would like to introduce his wife Victoria.

Damian Aspinall runs a foundation to protect wildlife and over the years he has seen and worked with hundreds of neglected, injured, and orphaned gorillas. He and other conservationists have successfully rehabilitated and returned many of those animals to the wild.

During this work, he formed a very strong bond with these animals. But there was also concern about how the gorillas would react when they met a stranger like his wife.

The two went towards the jungle very carefully, knowing the aggressiveness that the gorillas can show. Also, the possibility that Damian was forgotten was not excluded.

The meeting with him was actually very funny and impressive.

we can confidently say that Ima and Djalta “approved” of Damian’s new wife — so much that they wanted to keep her for themselves!

Many animals can recognize the people who have loved and cared for them.

Some believe that it only applies to pets, like dogs and cats – but this shows us that the ties can be incredibly strong between wild animals and their caretakers.

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