The man who thought he only had a cold

James Mackey has not been feeling well for days and went to visit the doctor. At first, we told him that he only had a cold. Unfortunately, he had to remove a leg from what he didn’t know.

Mackey today seeks support so that he can be like everyone else and play with his children.

Because this bad and rare disease can lead to organ failure and even death. His specialist was able to see the symptoms and call 911 right away.

He took antibiotics for two weeks and used a ventilator. He was then moved to intensive care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

He received proper care for the foot infection and was completely cured. Mackey told you in November that he would need to have both legs amputated from the calf down.

For him to have a life like all the rest of his relatives, they are asking to collect donations.

He is a very positive man and spent most of his time with his three children. At the moment he wants to go and play football with the children.

The family members want him to be able to buy a prosthetic leg and a special car so that he can move easily.

It is thought that the infection may have entered from a small wound on his hand, but they are not completely sure. He will be in the burns and intensive care for at least the last three months.

We wish him a speedy recovery and that the family collects the amount they want to meet their needs.

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