The men find something in a cage that changed their lives

Every time we hear about people mistreating animals, we feel very bad. But fortunately, there are also good people. Such are Bret Winigar and his son Zach.

The two were riding a motorcycle around Little Rock when they saw something strange.

Their curiosity was piqued, so they went for a closer look. Shockingly, there was a severely malnourished dog inside.

The carrier was covered with feces, and the dog had chewed a hole in the carrier in an apparent effort to free itself.

They only bathed the dog for a few minutes and returned with water and food. Here they put the name Charlie Bravo.

The dog started showing her appreciation for her rescuers before they even reached home.

The first thing Bret and Zach did was trim Charlie Bravo’s claws. They had grown so long during her time in the cage, that they curled inward, making it painful for the dog to walk.

After that, it was time for a bath.

I took the dog to the vet. The dog was eight months old and according to the signs it had been locked up for a long time.

His story was shared on social media and the boys started receiving donations from people willing to pay for him.

Today he is a happy puppy.

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