The rare disease for which the couple suffers

Rare diseases are multiplying day by day lately, and this frightens many. Some of these diseases are so rare that people who suffer from them are really unlucky, but the story of their disease becomes overnight a topic that appears in all newspapers.

This is the story of a couple who faced an extremely rare disease, it changed the bright life they had until then and brought them dark days.

In 2010, a user of the social network Reddit discovered some mysterious spots on his wife’s hand:

At first, he thought they were just blood clots, so they applied ointment on them, then switched to wart cream, but nothing worked, and the situation got worse with each passing day, and the black spots became more and more common. large, they looked like real bumps, some even had holes in them.

One of the black spots opened and a kind of tissue came out of it, then it was time to decide to consult a plastic surgeon. It has removed the growths that, at least so far, have not grown back.

The surgeon told the two that the woman had a so-called pyogenic granuloma that had been caused by irritation, physical trauma, or hormonal imbalance.

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