What this pit bull did is heroic

Flynn a 4-year-old pitbull moved to a new neighborhood with his owner William Bisbing. One of the neighbors there had a cat and was afraid of Flynn.

William was used to all the stereotypes about this breed of dog, so he assured his neighbor that the dog would not create any trouble.

On Saturday, the neighbor heard a noise from outside and came out to look. There he saw Pitbull Flynn with her cat in his mouth.

He was very scared and started shouting and kicking the dog to let the cat go. The dog dropped the cat on the man’s terrace. The neighbor looked closely at the cat but saw that it was not injured, but only very scared.

The neighbor went straight to William’s house and started arguing. He told him the whole story and said he would call the police and animal protection to pick up Flynn. “It’s an aggressive dog, he wanted to kill my cat,” said the neighbor.

William was shocked because he knew Flynn would never do such a thing. “Flynn has been growing up with cats since he was a puppy. He’s not an aggressive dog, I really can’t figure out why he did that. William said.

Later, the neighbor who had surveillance cameras decided to watch the filming that day to see how “the beast” attacked his cat.

When he watched the tape, the neighbor noticed how the cat was lying in the sun, and an animal’s head could be seen from a bush. When he enlarged the image, he noticed that it was a coyote. The coyote began to approach the cat easily, and then Flynn appears in the image, running towards the cat, taking it in his mouth, and running with it to the neighbor’s house.

“INCREDIBLE. Flynn saved my cat’s life. If it weren’t for him, my cat would have been eaten by the coyote. “

The neighbor immediately went to William’s house and apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize to me, but to Flynn. You hurt his feelings when you said he was an aggressive breed. William said with a smile.

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