The son who follows in his father’s footsteps

You have often heard the saying “like father, like son”, but it is so unbelievable in the case of Robert Irwin, son of Steve Irwin.

He, like his father, is helping the world to fall in love with nature.

From a young age, Robert was fascinated by the wonder that nature has to offer.

Now, together with his family, he travels all over the planet and captures the beauty of the animal kingdom with his camera.

He is only 13 years old, but he has already taken amazing pictures, which he has shared on his Instagram profile.

They are extraordinary.

Both of his children — Bindi, 24, and Robert, 19, have followed in their father’s footsteps as both conservationists and television personalities. While they were both young when Steve died, his influence is still deeply felt in them.

Recently, Robert Irwin opened up about the special connection he has with his late father, and one thing he does every morning to keep Steve’s memory alive.

As Robert Irwin has grown up, many fans have remarked on his strong resemblance to his famous father. Many photos of the teen working with animals around the Australia Zoo look like pics Steve himself would have taken.

And in a few cases, Robert has even recreated his dad’s most famous shots, like holding a koala or feeding a crocodile.

Robert said he is “definitely most at home when [he’s] next to the ocean,” and goes out on the water every morning. And when he does, he has a little part of his dad with him: he uses Steve’s old surfboards.

“I feel very lucky I get to follow in those footsteps,” he told.

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