The woman in the photo above received some life-changing news that she will never forget.

Tami Forbes is a manager at the Key West Key Lime Pie shop who earns $300 a month while also caring for her own 8-year-old twins at home.

She worked a second job as a bartender twice a week to pay the bills and to ensure that her boys would not miss anything.

But for a while, balancing the two jobs, taking care of the household, and working to collect money for the cesarean section she would need for her third child had been incredibly challenging for her. 300 dollars is a joke in the American economy.

Despite all of these issues, she did not complain, and she performed her duties flawlessly. Tami was informed that she had been called immediately to the principal’s office for a serious talk before leaving on maternity leave.

The woman was obviously disappointed upon hearing this and assumed she would lose her job; nevertheless, she had no idea what was in store for her.

His pay was raised by the director to $1,000 per week! Additionally, he promised her that he would provide her extra financial assistance for the first six months of her maternity leave and that her career wouldn’t be at risk during the leave.

Tami was speechless when she heard such amazing news and immediately started crying with joy since all of her issues had just been solved!

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