They adopted the neighbor’s child who died, but what happened next surprised everyone

Neighbors are an important part of our daily life and we try to help them often. Tisha and Kevin are actually unprepared for the request that their neighbor made.

Audrey, a single mother, realized that there was something wrong with her body. She was going to do some tests and asked her neighbor to take care of the children.

Tisha and Kevin had 5 children of their own and were a little close, but they decided to accept her request anyway.

Audrey’s test results revealed the news that she had stage 2 esophageal and stomach cancer. She wanted to make sure her children were okay before she left this world.

Audrey didn’t know Tisha well, but she dared to ask for an honor that would change their lives forever. She asked him to adopt her children.

The couple could not refuse the request and today there are ten people living in one house. Shortly after the diagnosis, Audrey died.

Elizabeth Thames, a neighbor of both families saw their financial situation and decided to call the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Tisha had grown up in an orphanage and that was the reason why she had agreed to take in her neighbor’s children.

“I don’t want them to have to deal with everything I had to deal with as a child,” Tisha said when asked why she took Audrey’s children in even though she didn’t know her well. They’ve already been through a lot. They are deserving of a loving family and a safe haven.”

The Fox5 team took the family to spend a week somewhere else and did renovations in her house. When they entered the house, it was done from scratch.

Tisha’s oldest daughter lacked a proper bedroom. She slept on the floor near the kitchen in an open space. She now has her own private room, which she designed herself.

Thanks to the Fox5 team, they now have usable spaces for the whole family.

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