They were going to get married the next day, but the unexpected happened to the couple

All those who have had a wedding know how stressful it is to deal with all the preparations.

The bride has to think about the dress, the guests, her companions, the restaurant, and many others. At the end of the day, when asked, they say that they would not do it again.

Angie Ver Huel really did everything to make her wedding go perfectly, and all the guests were delighted by the surprises she prepared with her husband.

But everything changed one night before the wedding when a discovery was made that would change their lives forever.

Angie worked as a teacher at South Middle School and had always thought of a fairytale wedding and her prince charming.

The day she met Justin, she realized that he was the man of her dreams. He was smart, he looked good, he was funny and he had a good job at the bank.

He proposed to her for marriage and for a year they prepared all the things for the wedding. All his colleagues were happy that Justin was getting married, but he was a person who did not want this.

Justin’s mother, Marie Michael, was woken up by a scream in the middle of the night. He heard a bedroom door open and then three gunshots and Angie screaming louder. He realized that something terrible had just happened.

Justin was shot several times while sleeping next to his fiancee. She had not seen anyone but Justin’s body lying next to her.

The police came immediately and questioned Angie but realized that she was innocent. Now the police were thinking of different types of scenarios.

Their most beautiful day turned into a nightmare because Angie couldn’t understand who could have done such a thing.

30 minutes after the event, a car was found abandoned near the highway. It belonged to David Moffitt, Angie’s ex-boyfriend, who had left her via a message when she started dating Justin. He worked in the same department as Justin and was the colleague who was not happy about his engagement with Angie.

Also found in the car was a receipt with the name Andrew Wenger, also Angie’s ex-boyfriend. The police realized David was using Andrew’s name to frame him for the murder.

A year later David received his sentence and Angie was relieved that the culprit was finally found but now her lover is gone forever.

She is rarely seen in public and does not like contact with people. This event has left a deep wound in her heart.

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