This disabled puppy’s dream come true on Christmas Eve

This Shih Tzu/Yorkie named Toby has received his Christmas present.

Toby weighs just under 1.5 lbs (23 ounces), and his former owners almost euthanized the dog due to his special needs. When Florida Yorkie Rescue learned of his situation, they agreed to take on the little dog and care for him until he found his forever home. With the help from Walkin’ Pets, Florida Yorkie Rescue was able to get this little pooch on his feet.

This company will help Toby to move easily. Toby was born with Hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the hollow places inside the brain. According to the Mayo Clinic, Hydrocephalus can affect mobility, coordination, vision, and more.

The company was so moved by the pup’s perseverance and divided to grant the only Christmas Wish. Walkin’ Pets team members flew from New Hampshire to Palm Beach, Florida, to meet Toby and outfit him with a custom wheelchair built for a 1 pound dog.

After a few tips from the Walkin’ Pets team, Toby quickly took to the wheelchair and is now able to stand, walk, and run on his own with ease.

This was not the end of Toby’s Christmas miracles. A local family has decided to adopt the puppy and make him a permanent member of their family. The DeRoche family hopes to inspire others with the strides that Toby has made in a short amount of time with a bit of love and support.

“I would certainly encourage most people who want to give a little special needs dog a chance. You will never find a more grateful heart in a dog than one that you have rescued,” said DeRoche

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