This Is How Mother Orangutan Reacted When She Met Her Baby Who Was Taken From Her Arms

Apparently, for the little orangutan family, there would be an unexpected event that would change the course of things.

Little baby Clarita was kidnapped by a domineering mountain and was in great danger of being away from her mother in order to survive.

Apparently, there was a team that monitored these animals and found out what had happened. Then they decided to do something to help him.

Clarita was only a few months old when she was separated from her mother. After a week, the team managed to find him.

If the mother realizes that she is not her child, she will reject her and there may be some unexpected surprises.

The staff decided to be very careful about their reunion.

A caretaker carried Clarita in her arms and brought her closer to Clara’s cage. She wanted them to smell each other, while she was extremely attentive to her mother’s reactions.

Everyone burst into tears when they saw the mother’s reaction. Clara was very happy for her baby and decided to open the cage for her to hold in her arms, but again there was another challenge that Clara had to overcome.

“Sometimes the mother rejects the babies and leaves them to starve. They refuse to give them milk,” the keepers said.

After a few minutes, Clara sat next to the baby and showed everyone that her mother’s heart was still there.

Little Clarita was hungry, so after anxiously searching her mother’s chest, she began to breastfeed without any problem, making everyone happy.

Orangutan calves usually spend their first seven years of life with their mothers.

The whole team was relieved to see her reaction. For more, we invite you to watch the following video.

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