‘Total Strangers Were In Tears’, Woman Marries Her First Love Before He Enters Hospice For Can-Cer

The bride says, “I cried before I even got in the door of the chapel.” Corey Cunningham was working in a refinery in St. Louis. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands when he had a convulsion. The 45-year-old hydro blaster for an oil and gas company was vacated to a hospital in Puerto Rico.

And a month later, when he was at home in Houston, he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Unfortunately, the doctors told him that there was no cure for him and the maximum life would be 1 month. His girlfriend at the time today wife Tyyisha Evans said:

, “It was heartbreaking.” “We sobbed together. I said, ‘You have to suppress. I need you to suppress it. ‘And he did. ” Despite having medication, radiation, and chemotherapy, the treatment wasn’t working.

When a person asked to see who was the thing he did not like about the man that she wanted to marry Evans. The doctor told her this. Evans was surprised because he did not expect this to be in his mind in these difficult times.

Cunningham used to travel a lot and had distanced himself from his girlfriend. They had cohabited, and she was not ready every time he proposed to her.

Another hurdle was that Evans was diagnosed with breast cancer. She recovered quickly but a month after her recovery Cunningham was diagnosed with cancer as well. This time Evans accepted the marriage proposal.

“It was like Make-a-Wish, only with a wedding,” says one of his nurses, Rita Lane. The staff had done almost everything. The staff arranged flowers, pictures, and cakes.

They decorated the hospital and turned Cunningham’s wheelchair into a costume. Eva Bone one of the nurse managers said “He was a wonderful patient.” An hour before walking down the aisle, Evans came to know that Cunningham was ready for Hospice care.

Evans said, “It was overwhelming. Extremely overwhelming, I cried before I even got in the door of the chapel. ” She cried when Boone handed her a bouquet of white roses. The wedding ceremony was also attended by three out of four of Evans ’children, her 4-year-old grandson to whom the couple was raising, and Cunningham’s 19-year-old daughter. Evans said, “It was much more than I expected,”

She added, “I could not believe how many total strangers were in tears on our wedding day.” Nurse Laine shared, “The look on his face when he said ‘I do’ – it floored me.” “He started crying again. And then he said, ‘It’s about time.’

Then we were laughing and crying at the same time. ” The pianist played the couple’s favorite song, “You and I,” by O’Bryan. Laine says, “It melded them as a family,” Whatever comes next, they’re always going to be a family. “

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