Tyrese Gives His Daughter Expensive Gift At Her 9th-Grade Graduation

Time passes very quickly. On May 25, Tyrese posted a photo on Instagram congratulating his daughter on graduating from the 8th grade. He could not be present that day at Shayla’s graduation but brought her a very expensive gift.

Gave her a Rolls Royce that she parked at her ceremony. On Instagram, he indicated that he would not be able to attend his angel ceremony but wanted to make sure she would feel the love from afar.

He said: “Always the smartest and most incredible soul in the room congratulations to our angel SHAYLA Princess Gibson. Daddy loves you sooooooooo much!

He felt very bad that he could not be in this ceremony but he is sure that his daughter has felt his love and presence from afar.

Funny that you’re in my country and I’m in yours, he mused. Congratulations to our angel SHAYLA Princess Gibson. You did it, baby. You have made daddy sooooooo proud! Many of Tyrese’s supporters commemorated Shayla and her father in the comments section of his post.

His girlfriend Zelie Timonthy also praised his gesture, telling him he is a wonderful father.

She also expressed appreciation for his daughter “I’m so PROUD of Shay, Not only for how amazing she is as a young lady but also for her commitment to her school work and anything she puts her mind to.”

We wish the girl as much success as possible.

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