Victims Of Child Molestation Do Justice To Themselves As Court Sentences Him Lightly

A man from Louisiana was found guilty of murder because he admitted to killing a man who had molested his childhood girlfriend.

Jace Crehan was found guilty because he confessed to stabbing and strangling Robert Noce Jr. to death. Noce had teased Brittany Monk at the age of 4-12 when he was dating his mother.

Crehan says that he does not regret the action even though he is the protector and guardian of his girlfriend. “I feel a lot better,” Crehan told The Advocate. “It’s not regretting. Is it remorse? I’m not sorry for what I did. “

When Monk was seven months pregnant she noticed that Noce was living again in the same place she had lived before. They dressed in black and stopped at a store to buy gloves so as not to leave marks behind.

The couple said their intention was to hurt him but not kill him. But at the moment they became very aggressive and we killed the man. Noce was killed in his trailer. Police found the killers’ gloves that carried them to the couple.

“We do not live in a country where we as a society are allowed to take the law into our own hands to do justice,” said prosecutor Darwin Miller. “That’s what happened here. This is not a Shakespearean tragedy. This is not a Hollywood movie. This is the killing of a human being, whether you like him or not. ”

Monk was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Noce, meanwhile, was sentenced to only five years in prison for child molestation.

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