Warning! this popular game took the child to the hospital in this condition

Every parent finds it difficult to protect his child from the things that surround him in everyday life. Danger can come from anywhere.

Maine from Portland experienced one of the biggest heartbreaks a parent can experience. Her child became seriously ill from an object they had at home.

Maine is the mother of four very beautiful children, three boys and one girl named Kennedy Jane. Kennedy Jane ingested a water bead in late October and is still fighting for her life today.

Water beads are one of many kinds of sensory-based toys popular today, and can be completely safe if a child plays with them while under adult supervision. They are about the size of a pebble and swell in size when they come in contact with water.

Unfortunately, this put Kennedy in great danger. After ingesting the bead, it expanded to half an inch, eventually ending up in her intestines and rupturing them.

The girl did not show any signs at first, but her mother noticed that she was not feeding as usual.

“She went two days without eating anything,” Mitchell told WMTW. “By the time we made it to Portland Hospital, she was not the, off the stretcher before she started vomiting bile.”

The infant’s mother went on to explain, “The bead blocked her small intestine, which made it swell so large it leaked into her body, and that caused sepsis and infection. She’s had three surgeries this week. Her lungs were struggling, and her heart was struggling and her kidneys were struggling.”

A family member created a GoFundMe to help the family with the raising of three other children and the parents to afford the hospital expenses.

Mother had never thought that something so small would become so dangerous.

“Parents don’t have the chance to make an informed choice before buying,” Mitchell said. “If I had seen ‘toxic if ingested, can cause blockage,’ I would never have bought them and brought them into my house.”

The mother has now started to make other parents aware so that the same thing as happened to her daughter does not happen to her.

“I just really hope people can think about my daughter in a positive way or pray for her so that she could make it through.”

Be strong Kennedy Jane, we are all praying for you!

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