Wendy William’s Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Reports Living Happily With His Mistress And Launching A New Business

Wendy Williams seems to be facing health problems. These problems were exacerbated by the separation from her husband Kevin Hunter. For this reason, doctors have suggested that she take some time off from the show.

Hunter is reportedly living happily with his mistress and daughter in Florida. His career progress is going quite well because of his business. Wendy’s fame and acquaintances seem to have gone well for him to develop professionally.

Hunter has opened his Barbershop in Florida under the name Head Hunters. He is managing Hunter Publishing Group and sharing everything with his new partner.

When he divorced he lost his New Jersey martial mansion and his Livingston. The young couple lives in a modest home in Coral Springs. They set up businesses together and care for their two-year-old daughter named Journey.

This decision seems to have done them good on the sentimental and business side. Away from the noise his marriage caused, they seem to be calm now. Wendy Williams, meanwhile, has not yet recovered from the split and blames the young woman is guilty of their divorce. This and because she has not found a new partner yet.

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