What The Doctors Discovered In The Man’s Head Is Shocking

On an ordinary day, Luis Ortiz had a headache more than usual and the whole family was worried. From the diagnostics done, the doctors discovered something very rare in him.

He had parasites in his head. This disease took time to recover from, but the important thing is that it was caught in time.

Luis was visiting his mother in California at the time when he started having unbearable headaches. His mother immediately took him to the hospital where the doctors scanned his head and found live parasites.

 The doctors informed him that he had a live tapeworm in his brain. What was even more shocking was that the doctors told him that due to the progression of the disease, he could only have 30 minutes to live.

In fact, the tapeworm had created a cyst that prevented blood circulation and caused a lack of oxygen in the brain. This made him go into surgery immediately.

He still does not know how it is possible that the parasites have gone to his brain, but the doctors told him that it could be from pork consumption.

In fact, doctors say that the consumption of raw meat, especially pork, can lead to the entry of tapeworm into the body.

Raw meat contains many parasites and microorganisms. Most people are infected by these larvae and can transmit them to others through poor hygiene and sewage. The death toll from this parasite keeps getting higher and higher in the US.

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