Woman’s Last Wish Leaves Her Husband Speechless

Clare Mauremootoo was diagnosed with motor neuronopathy in 2006. This type of disease greatly weakened the muscles and reduced movement with each passing year.

A cure has not yet been found for her disease. The most painful thing is that there are two little boys to grow up with.

Over the years, the patient with that type of disease complicates his life a lot. They find it very difficult to walk, eat or breathe.

Clare was very afraid of losing her life. Meanwhile, she had started to find a person to take care of the boys and a lover for her husband.

There came a moment when her condition worsened and she told her husband to prepare for a life without her. The desire to live longer was very great, but it was not in her hand.

But now she had started to think more calmly and the moment had come for someone else to take care of her family.

“Clare wanted me to be happy and move on,” says her husband. But he was very much in love and could not replace her. He was not yet ready to take such a step.

Clare died in 2007 a few days after the Valentine’s Day she celebrated with her husband. This was a very difficult moment for him.

After some time he started dating Julie Macfarlane whom he introduced to his two sons. In 2012, they got married and started a family.

Now Clare’s last wish had been granted…

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