When Mother Goes To Pick Up Her 2-YO Girl From Daycare Sees Her Crying And Discovers That Employees Locked Her Alone Inside 

A mother when she returned from work to pick up the little girl from daycare just a few minutes late discovered that the little girl was locked inside alone.

There was no one else in the building so it was difficult to get her out.

When parents are at work they find it difficult to find a place to take their children except to daycare. There they think they will be safe but what happens when this trust is broken?

Stephanie Martinez from Florida was only a few minutes late to pick up the girl. She thought that Anastasia would have spent a beautiful time with her friends and would be happy.

The Plantation KinderCare daycare center where Martinez put her daughter usually closes by 6 p.m. on the dot. However, they have to wait for all parents until they come to pick up their children.

That day Martinez was late to get the girl. When she went to the center she saw that all the lights were off and Anastasia was locked inside with the lights off.

Martinez could not get her daughter out of there because there was no staff member. Out of desperation, she started knocking on every window where she found herself looking at her daughter because it was dark everywhere.

Suddenly he saw her daughter and she had to climb on a chair to get close. At that moment she lost her mind.

Martinez called 911 and firefighters arrived at the scene. They managed to open the door and take the girl.

The daycare staff said they had left just 8 minutes before the woman arrived. But so many minutes were enough to traumatize the little girl.

There was nothing she could do to comfort her daughter. In her words: “It’s the worst feeling ever. You feel helpless.”

A daycare worker had called her but she was only 20 minutes late. Mother says: “Nobody should ever go through this. You pay for trust and they completely voided that. I have no words. I’m still in shock right now.”

The mother will now take legal action against the daycare center. They said that this should never have happened and that they thanked God that Anastasia was not hurt.

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