Why Aretha Franklin’s Granddaughter Caused Friction Between The Jury At “American Idol”

In American Idol, the jury had a conflict over the niece of talent of the Queen Of Soul niece. The conflict started with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

Grace Franklin took the stage in front of the American Idol jury. Holding on to the super responsibility of having the genes of one of the world’s best vocalists in history.

The 15-year-old niece appeared singing two songs in front of the jury. She did a rendition of The Fugees ’Lauryn Hill-led version of Roberta Flack’s song,“ Killing Me Softly, ”and also sang one of her grandmother’s hits,“ Ain’t No Way. ”

Grace says “I got to see her all the time. I used to travel with her a lot, ”Grace said. “I do not think I could fully grasp the fact that she was known worldwide because, to me, she was always just grandma. I feel like people expect me to sing exactly like her, but I’m my own artist and I have my own voice. ”

It was the jury’s turn to vote. Luke Bryan decided that Grace would not advance to the next round. Perry voted yes to Richie as the decisive vote did not go to the next stage.

Richie gave her some career advice. “Go back and get a running start and come back at this again,” Richie said. As the Hello singer was getting the side-eye from Perry, he turned to her and said, “Are you putting pressure on me?”

The girl replied that Aretha was not Aretha at first. And they helped her and gave her a hand at the moment she started her career.

Perry protests, and states, “I will lay down on the ground. I quit this show. I’m going to the bar, ”and walked off the stage.

Richie finally told her that she should come back once again to try her luck and that she should not be discouraged. What do you think about this? Should Richie have given her a chance?

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