Why Boy’s Father Decided To Have 27 Wives And 150 Children, He Shows What It Is Like To Live With Them

People all over the world have different ways of living life. Some of them decide to respect Christian traditions and some do not. One of them that they do not respect is Mormonism. It allows polygamy.

Polygamy is marrying more than one partner. This way of life is contrary to human rights. However, some people decide to follow this type of lifestyle.

What makes it more interesting is how they manage it. Because in this case, you are not living in a family but a community. The same is the case of a boy who decided to show in Tik Tok what it is like to live in a family with 150 siblings.

Murray Blackmore has 27 mothers and 150 siblings. He got his fame from Tik Tok where he told the story of his family. People asked him many questions and he answered without fear. His family was polygamous.

Followers asked for a photo of his entire family and he showed it without fear. How can you live every day and take care of so many people at once?

He stated: “Growing up there was always a piece of me that never really connected to the beliefs of Mormonism. I stayed a part of the church to feel like I belonged with my family. It wasn’t until I entered adulthood that I decided it just wasn’t right for me. At first, it was hard to tell my family, but over time, it became easier. ”

The son says that his mother has 10 children and his father 150. It is difficult to have attention all the time. The only attention he gets is from brothers and sisters.

But how is it possible that such things continue to exist these years? Polygamy is forbidden. Many people decide to legally have a wife while others are “spiritual wives”. This topic always causes controversy for Mormons.

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