Woman Finds The Love Of Her Life At Age 49 But After Being Diagnosed With Cancer Gives Him Permission To Leave

True love is very difficult to find. But when you find it, you do not want to leave that person for a moment.

Nowadays this love is one of the successes that finds especially when peoples are in old age. Such is the case of Allen Green who found the love of her life very late but stayed close to her in her most difficult moments.

Parker, the youngest child of six, has imagined finding the love of her life and getting married. But when time began to pass and this love did not come she began to worry.

But in 1997 when he was 49 years old at a reunion with high school she had an acquaintance that would change his life. Green had approached her saying “Miss Parker, I’m not gonna let you get away this time this easy.”

At first, she thought nothing would happen between them but they started dating. For 20 years they would feel blessed until Parker was diagnosed with spinal cancer.

She was afraid she would lose her boyfriend so she gave him permission to leave. “I told him that if he could not handle it, I would understand and not hold it against him if he felt he needed to leave,” Parker confessed.

Green categorically refused. They would both go through this. Fortunately, Parker won the battle with cancer but a few years later would be diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a very difficult moment for her. She had 18 lymph nodes removed and underwent radiation and chemotherapy. Parker had to move in with her sister because she could not take care of herself. Throughout this challenging period, Green was by his girlfriend’s side.

She finished the treatment again and there was no more cancer in her body. Now she would focus only on the love of her life. On his 73rd birthday, Green made a surprise, he sat on his knees and proposed to her in front of everyone.

She said Yes. Parker began making preparations for the wedding. After a few months, they got married. The woman said she felt like a queen, walking down the aisle and seeing Green waiting for her at the altar. Indeed, it was a surreal experience.

Despite all, they were happy together. “We can not change the past. We are grateful for the present and the time that we are together right now.” Parker hopes to encourage the world with her story to not give up in the face of challenges.

Their love shows that every test in life will be passed successfully, it is not the love in between. Age is just a number and we should never give up on challenges.

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