Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets, Husband Kisses Her Before Delivery Without Knowing That She Died Shortly After Birth

The man kissed the woman on the forehead and told her that he loved her very much from the moment she entered the delivery room. He was very happy but did not know that this happiness would last very little.

We do not see great love only in movies and fairy tales. Sometimes some people are very lucky to experience such love in their life. The same thing happened with the couple from Arizona.

Carlos Morales and Erica Morales met in 2006 in a nightclub in Arizona. They were very different from each other but fate wanted them to be together.

From the moment they saw each other they fell in love. The night they met, they danced all night together and exchanged phone numbers.

Erica had not kept his phone number at all. They were later met by mutual friends. They began a relationship together.

Erica’s wish was that her children go to college and learn English and Spanish. Then they go to good jobs.

They swore that they would stay close to each other despite everything. They got married in Las Vegas in 2007. Then they started trying for children.

She had difficulty for several years but she became pregnant only after undergoing fertility treatment.

When she did the first echo she found out that she was not expecting 1 but 4 babies. The couple was very excited to become parents. Carlos was very careful and did all the housework including cooking and cleaning.

The mother tried to stay careful and eat healthily but was forced to be hospitalized due to high blood pressure. Doctors told her she had to give birth immediately.

Carlos immediately went to the woman. They decided to name Carlos Jr. ” for the boy and Tracey and Paisley for the girls but did not find a name for the fourth baby. Thought to decide after giving birth.

At that moment Carlos kissed his wife on the forehead telling her that he loved her very much. In a few hours in their lives, there would be many changes.

The 36-year-old gave birth to three daughters and a son. Carlos said at the time, “We were so excited to start our family. And then it all came crashing down. ”

What would have been a beautiful moment turned instantly into a tragedy? Erica went into hypovolemic shock, an emergency condition characterized by severe blood and fluid loss, immediately after giving birth. Carlos heard the alarms from the equipment surrounding her bed go off.

Worried he saw the doctors going to his wife’s room. They asked him to stay out of the room. An hour later, the doctors told Carlos his wife was gone. The distraught husband was frozen in place. He recollected:

“How could this have happened? She was fine, and then she wasn’t. She was alive and then she was just gone. I went from having the best day of my life to the next morning experiencing the worst day of my life. My four babies came into the world and then my wife died. ”

When Carlos went to see his children the nurse asked him for names. He says the names he had decided together with Erica. For the fourth girl, he thought of the name “Erica”.

The man always thought he could not have done anything more to save his wife. However, he decided to be strong for the children. He learned how to bathe them, CPR, feed them, and manage their sleep schedules.

A friend of the couple opened a GoFundMe to help Carlos. Meanwhile, Erica’s mother went to live with Carlos to help him.

Carlos always thought his wife was looking down on him and their kids, and he now had four little reasons to live.

Our most heartfelt condolences go to Carlos and his babies and we hope he stays always strong.

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