Woman goes home and finds a stranger there, police say there is nothing she can do to get him out

A woman went to her vacation home and saw that a man was living there. When he went to the police he got an answer that he did not like at all and it made things worse.

Danielle Cruz from Illinois was planning to sell her san house in the Chatham neighborhood. Her husband wanted to make some changes and repairs and hired a handyman.

Handyman when he went to their house told Danielle that someone was living there.

At first, they thought it was a joke but then found out that a woman had moved there to live. They called the police for the woman to leave with her things.

The officers said they could do nothing about the squatter because she claimed she had signed a month-to-month lease with the owner, which of course wasn’t true.

“They said unfortunately they couldn’t prove she was trespassing. We have to go to court and follow the eviction process, ”devastated Danielle said.

Danielle said she had never met the woman before but police told her she had a document that could take her to court. For several months she and her husband could not take any action until the court ruled.

“I definitely do feel violated. I own this house, and it feels like if anyone can just break into your house and kind of take over, that’s a scary feeling, ”Danielle said.

“You know, we’re trying to live the American dream. They say own property, you know, we are trying to provide for our family. And then this happens, and it almost makes you never want to own anything. It’s not worth it. “

One of the neighbors said: “Well, it’s disgusting. It’s stealing, and it’s not right. ” Another neighbor, Quintara Smith, added, “No one wants to come back, and someone is living in a property. It’s frightening. I mean, that can happen to anybody. ”

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