Woman Is About To Be Buried When Suddenly During The Funeral She Hits The Coffin From Inside

 Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca surprised everyone when she started hitting the coffin in which she was set to be buried. It was initially thought she died from the car crash.

When the cemetery’s caretaker removed the casket lid, they saw that Rosa was conscious and had her eyes open. They hurried to the hospital.

After arriving there, the 36-year-old had signs of life but unfortunately could not survive. At this point, the family was very upset about the reasons why Rosa was initially pronounced dead. At this point, the police opened an investigation into the matter.

At this point, Rosa’s family gives only one explanation for all this. They think that the woman was in a coma immediately after the accident and that was the reason why the doctors declared her dead.

“We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday when we were taking her to be buried,” Rosa said aunt in an interview with local media. “We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.”

While the police continue the investigation of Rosa’s death on Youtube, the video has gone viral where the family members realize that she is not alive and send her to the hospital.

YouTube video

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