Woman Marries The doll And Now Have A Baby Together But He Is A Little Lazy And Very Wise

A woman claims to have fallen in love and married a homemade doll – and the couple now has a ‘baby’ together.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes says it was love at first sight when her mother first introduced her to Marcelo, a ragdoll toy made by an elderly woman.

Her mother made the doll after hearing her complaints that she was single and had no one to dance with.

A stormy romance soon followed and the couple decided to get married during a “beautiful” ceremony, with their unique wedding attended by about 250 guests.

The 37-year-old describes Marcelo’s family life as “wonderful”, although she admits that her husband may be “lazy”.

She admitted: “He has so many great qualities, but the only bad thing is that he is lazy. He does not work at all. “But I am a fighter and I continue to do it for us.”

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