Woman dies a few moments after giving birth ‘She had so much love for him’

Teegan Barnard just 17 years old was pregnant. This was the moment that Abbie Hallawells, Teegan’s mother life would change forever. The young mother suffered a cardiac arrest.

Doctors did what they could to save her but she died a few weeks after giving birth to her young son Parker John.

She could hold her baby in her arms before she was declared brain dead. Abbie took lots of pictures of her daughter and grandson to have a memory of the two together. Her daughter had left this world too early.

Abbie would have been the best mother in the world. Parker grows more and more every day and she and the boy’s father mention Teegan all the time.

Even though his mother is not here, they mention him all the time so that the little boy knows how much they loved him.

Parker is often dressed in clothes on which the photos of him and his mom are printed so that he could keep her close to his heart.

In one of the photos shot by the grandmother, the boy appears smiling. This photo will be one of the most beautiful memories Parker will have.

We are very sorry for this quick loss and pray for the health of the family.

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