Women Are Arrested Because They Put Marijuana In Wedding Food, Reason Is…

A bride has been arrested following a two-month investigation into the discovery of cannabis in guests’ food.

Florida 42-year-old Danya Shea Glenny was arrested on a charge of poisoning and Charges include tampering, culpable negligence, and marijuana delivery. 30-40 people were invited to her wedding.

Some guests had symptoms like racing, others felt nauseous and dizzy. The food was taken to be tested and it was discovered that THC was found in lasagna beer and pudding.

Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, 31, who did the wedding catering, faced the same charges. This after the testimonies of the people who served the food were taken.

One guest told investigators that after she realized she was high, she asked Svoboda if “she had put marijuana in the olive oil,” the affidavits say. The guest told a deputy Svoboda answered “yes” and “acted excited,” according to the documents.

However, another guest said when she texted Svoboda from the hospital asking her what was happening and what she was given, the bride responded, “Uggg, we have no idea,” the affidavits say.

Both women are currently free and are expected to appear in court in June. The reason is not yet known.

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