“You Can Trust All Women Except Amber Heard…” / Chris Rock Makes Strong Statement!

During a recent show in London, comedian Chris Rock did not restrain himself at all when it came to actress Amber Heard.

According to LADbible, the comedian mentioned Heard during part of his May 12 show, which was the start of his “Ego Death” tour in the UK.

The well-known comedian briefly tackled the slapping scandal at the Oscars, but according to LADBible, he really dealt more with the developments of the trial between Heard and Depp. At one point he even made an unexpected statement:

You can trust all women except Amber Heard. What is it?

Heard is currently facing trial with her ex-husband Depp, who filed a $ 50 million defamation lawsuit against her. Depp claimed that Heard’s December 2018 article for The Washington Post, in which she detailed her experiences of domestic violence, ruined his cinematic career.

 Depp also claimed that Heard was the real abuser throughout the history of their relationship and relationship, however, Heard has denied the allegations and sued Depp for $ 100 million in defamation. The trial began in April and will end on May 27.

We also point out that after a break of a few days he will resume again on Monday, May 16, with the media and fans reviewing every minute of previous sessions to highlight details that might have gone unnoticed.

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