Young Man Sets Himself The Goal Of Pulling Family Out Of Poverty. Now Has His Own Fashion Line

18-year-old Jimelle Levon from Ohio is proof that tireless work earns in the end. He and his mother have been homeless since the age of 10. Another child in his place would simply accept reality. He started working at that age with small jobs.

He was determined to get things done to the end for a better life. Although they found a place to live his passion did not fade. Levon at the age of 14 created a workshop in his bedroom turning it into an atelier.

His dream was to become a fashion designer. He created special designs and sewed himself. Initially, he designed footwear and shorts.

Levon dreamed of becoming very famous. For the dream to be fulfilled, waited until prom night. He was inspired by the movie “Coming To America” ​​ and decided to recreate the gold sequined dress of the movie.

He made the dress for his prom companion Vanessa Bell. He reduced each flower via hand earlier than they could be incorporated into his design.

Doing so much work he hoped it would finally be his moment. And it was. The photo of the dress is viral on the internet and several articles were made about its history. What would happen next would surprise him.

Levon caught the attention of Steve Harvey who was invited to the show to showcase his talent. In a few minutes, he managed to finish three dresses.

Now his creations are famous and people expect to wear a “Jimelle Levon” dress.

His prom companion got the dress for free but now one costs $ 450. He created a garb line called “KoldKut” where the elegance is combined with the classic. Like everyone else Levon wants a celebrity to wear a dress of his own.

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